2016 came and went. It's time to take a look back, no matter how quick it is, at the projects I created this year. Well, the public ones...

As always, hit me up if there's anything that needs changing or updating.

Angular Media Events

I started making these directives to deal media events, more specifically ones for the HTML5 <video /> tag. For a work project we needed to use the loadedmetadata event. But, after scouring the Internet like any good dev, I couldn't find a small library to handle Angular Media Events. So I created one.

There are a good amount of events, but I have not had time to cover them all. Any help is appreciated. I do have some contribution guidelines, but they're pretty simple.

Paket Runner

This little module is used to execute the restore command on the packet client. We needed this for a work project where we switched from Nuget to Paket. Docs for how to initialise and use it are provided.

Other commands are easy to add!

Simple Webpack Seed

Just a personal project that helps me get started with small things I want to work on. More tailored to browser work.

Includes the following:

  • Linting (ESLint)
  • Tests (Karma, Mocah, Chai, Sinon)
  • Build (Babel [ES2015], Webpack)